We strongly believe that beauty comes from the heart and it is a journey with long term plans and continuous efforts to achieve desirable healthy skin


Ala Carte RM 338     Member RM 268

Boost skin moisture to improve softness and smooth fine lines that caused by dehydration. Reduce skin discomfort and tight feeling. Skin is more hydrated, softer and smoother. Suitable for all skin types.

Ala Carte RM 338     Member RM 268

Deep pore cleansing and anti-inflammatory treatment dedicated to reducing skin with impurities. Focusing more on detailed extraction of removing comedones and acne. Skin is less congested, fresher, and healthier. Suitable for combination, oily and congested skin.

Ala Carte RM448          Member RM358

Deep cleansing and anti-inflammatory treatment completing with oxygenating spray & oxygen inhalation together with the LED light rejuvation and maximize healing while on mask 

Ala Carte RM 488     Member RM 398

Indulge yourself with a special 55 face, eye, and shoulder massage steps finishing with a soothing scalp massage while a BABOR mask is applied. The relaxing massage movement works to exercise your facial muscles and improve circulation, which soothes and relaxes your facial features. Skin is more hydrated and nourished. It will appear firmer and better toned. Suitable for all skin types except acne congestion skin.


Ala Carte RM 538     Member RM 438

An aromatherapy treatment to restore balance to the body, mind, and skin. It comes with a 40mins lymphatic drainage massage that utilises Marguerite Maury’s massage technique (master technique in aromatherapy) combined with the power of organic essential oil. The different pure essential oil blends with the goodness of Sweet Almond Oil chosen from the blends for stress relief, anti-aging, and soothing of sensitive skin. It helps to drain excess water, detoxify, and clear cellular waste which is possibly accumulated through our daily stress and unhealthy lifestyles. Skin feels softer, supple to touch, and look more radiant. Suitable for all skin types.

Ala Carte RM 636     Member RM 508

An anti-ageing treatment which kick start the skin with the luxurious intensive lifting massage follow with an infusion of a single use treatment capsule which consist of highly encapsuled active ingredients using the patented advanced technology, Magnetic Infusion Technology (MIT) to force the active ingredients through the skin barrier, allowing to act at the very heart of the cells to achieve optimal firming, lifting & brightening results in just a single session.

Ala Carte RM 636     Member RM 508

A personalized treatment adapting to your skin needs to tackle your skin concerns. Pure oxygen of up to 98% is deeply delivered to your skin through 3 processes which includes oxygen infusion into the skin together with the use of BABOR Ampoule Concentrate, an oxygenating spray together with the goodness of BABOR essence, and oxygen inhalation during mask application together with the benefit of LED light. Skin is instantly revived, rejuvenated, strengthened, and more resilient. Suitable for all skin types, especially good for sensitive skin to build it’s resilience.


Ala Carte RM 98     Member RM 68

A relaxing eye treatment focused on massaging and exercising the eye contour areas to relieve tiredness and softening the lines around the eye areas.  

Ala Carte RM 98     Member RM 68

Utilises ultrasound technology with a light warm sensation to drain puffiness and improve circulation around the eye contour areas. 

Ala Carte RM 88     Member RM 58

The delivering of oxygen in fine mist spray added with the goodness of BABOR essence to calm, soothe, and strengthen the skin.

Ala Carte RM 298     Member RM 238

A comprehensive treatment targeting from young to mature skin by forcing active ingredients through the skin barrier allowing it to act from the very heart of the skin cells. A unique combination of cosmetics and medical delivery system uses the patented capsules, a single-use personal treatment to achieve optimal results in meeting your skin care needs. Choose solutions for skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, regulate sebum with anti-microbial bacteria, or safe-scrub vibratory peeling adding to your favorite full treatment.

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