Luxe Beauty Retreat stablished with strong principle and belief in  offering services with sincerity and long-term solutions to meet every skin care needs.

We are a team of skilled & experienced skin care specialists who has an average of 17 years  hands on knowledge. We have successfully help our customers in resolving their skin concerns.

Our Commitments

We believe that beauty comes from the heart and it is a journey with long term plan and continuous effort to achieve desired healthy skin.

We have our time dedicated just for you, one to one service experience. The therapist is fully engaged with steps and protocols from the beginning to the end of treatment.

Our team of passionate and skilled therapists are committed in giving their best knowledge on skin learnt from their many years of experience, execute it with golden service standard in follow through closely on our client’s skin progress and improvement by prescribing personalised treatment plan in achieving healthy skin.

The Promise of Precision in Skin Care

We use BABOR in all our treatment protocols, with its DNA for science, precision, results since 1956. Its beauty experiences that rely on more than 60 years of skincare expertise made in Germany and its research, development, production, take place exclusively at the company headquarters in Aachen, Germany.

For more information about BABOR:

BABOR World Leading in Skincare